30 hours, New Haircut, and HackTM

Hacktm Mobile App by New Haircut Digital Agency

Getting together with your team and doing what you do best is great… winning a prize for it, eating pizza, and hacking together an app in 30 hours… epic.

New Haircut Team at HackTM 2014 - Mobile App Development

HackTM hackathon couldn’t handle the New Haircut team. We came, we saw, we built… then conquered. The task was to build an app in 48 hours with prizes going to the best apps.

Our team, which consisted of 5 New Haircut members competed in the Smart City category and had a functional app ready to demo  when time was up. The app called, Where’s the Party? is a real-time mobile app that maps the heat of the city… literally.

We built Where’s the Party? because as full time designers and night time partiers… we need to know where we should be so we don’t miss out. This is how it works.

HackTM App by New Haircut Digital Agency Team

So it’s a boring night and you have a choice between snuggles with your poodle or dawning footy pajamas and turning in early. With Where’s the Party?… neither have to be an option. In two taps, the in-browser app gives you a heatmap of your surrounding areas, telling you which locations are the hottest.

New Haircut got Silver and the Heatmap burned red around our booth of glory. Next year… we take Gold.