Year: 2011 - 2015

Tags: user experience (UX), user interface (UI), creative design, pitch deck Industry: healthcare

You think three's a crowd? How about 100,000? This is how many health apps are available across the app stores. Still, there was room for one more, thought Keas, a company that uses data science, health technology, and enterprise software to change consumer behavior. Their idea was to use these technologies to help companies devise hypertargeted health plans for their employees. Keas approached New Haircut in 2015 to help them define and articulate this unique position to woo heavyweight investors Sequoia and General Catalyst.

Keas Case Study

The Opportunity

A veteran of the health app space who launched in 2008, Keas saw giant spikes in the number of people using health apps. They knew users were more comfortable disclosing health information to their phones than to doctors. They saw researchers and drug manufacturers using that data to find more targeted cures. Why wouldn't employers do the same? Keas found that if employers customized health plans to each individual's needs, they could cut 70% of the health care spending. With 80 million Americans receiving health insurance through their employer, that was a lot of money going down the drain. It was an $84B market.

Keas Case Study

The Mission: Possible

If there is anything you learn from the movies is that when the stakes are high, you have a mere couple of days to deliver. We had 5 days to help Keas articulate their position and convince investors to greenlight additional funding.

Keas Case Study

New Haircut interviewed over 20 Keas stakeholders to determine the most effective way to tell the story. Based on the research, our approach was to track the experience of a single Keas user over the course of a year and show how the data insights pulled from his health profile were used by an employer to devise a hypertargeted health plan. We knew that we had to go beyond static comps. A responsive, mobilefirst working prototype was going to be instrumental in helping investors understand the value of the app. So that's what we did.

The Work

Our UX/UI team ideated the app fundamentals. The goal was to provide users with a platform that managed 99% of their health needs. We held several rapid sketching sessions with designers, data scientists, and Keas product engineers. Members of the sales and senior management teams provided feedback. Even the CEO and board members wanted to be involved. Including these stakeholders in swift succession allowed us to move from whiteboard to prototype in three days. The end result replaced the typical siloed health app experience with an integrated health engagement solution. Everything the user needed was in one place, including data from over a dozen tertiary apps such as FitBit, Calorie Counter, RunKeeper, LabCorp, which we integrated with the Keas experience. Each personalized profile had custom goals and recommendations based on a health risk assessment and data pulled from those platforms. Since Keas was offered through the workplace, we also included games and fitness challenges to encourage teamwork between users.

Keas Case Study

Our visual designers unified the design. There was a plan on the horizon for a larger redesign once more funding poured in, which meant we were confined to the existing brand guidelines. We streamlined the colors, elevated the photography, used expressive and fresh typography, and we designed custom iconography. As a nod to Keas`s history in the gamified health apps space, we added bright illustrations to track progress and reward accomplishments.

Keas Case Study

The Collaboration

New Haircut became responsible for the ongoing app customization. We worked elbow-to-elbow with the Keas Product team to customize the app for several Fortune 500 clients. On the process side, we were asked to help Keas boost its inhouse product development capabilities. We worked on three fronts to achieve that. First, we implemented tools to help iterate more quickly and efficiently. Second, we established new collaboration processes that saved the company from costly miscommunications and unnecessary cycles between PMs, designers, and developers. Last but not least, we reviewed candidates for permanent UX leadership roles.

New Haircut provided timely UX direction and cross-device UI design for our health platform. Very pleased with their delivery and look forward to exploring additional ways they can support Keas.

Raul Mujica - VP Product Management at Keas

The Results

Fast forward to 2016, over two dozen Fortune 500 clients such as Safeway, Pfizer, Land O’ Lakes, and Salesforce use Keas to manage the health care plans of nearly 3 million employees. $35MM were earmarked for the development of the new Keas app. The work done by New Haircut led to new business. Keas signed new clients such as American Express only one month after our collaboration started. Today, we continue to work with Keas on refining the strategy for the Keas app.


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