Mobile Consumer Infographic: Optimize Your Business for the Connected Consumer


Baby, Mobile Phone, iPhone, Mobile ConsumersThe connected consumer is more connected now than ever. More specifically, they are more mobile-connectedAi??now than ever. Are you as a business paying attention? Do you have mobile advertising?

How can customers purchase from or find your store on their mobile device of choice? Is your website design optimized for mobile? Is your website optimized? Do you even have a website? Our first mobile consumer infographic is going to wake you up like someone throwing ice cold water on you when you were dead asleep.

We pull from 6 different sources (8 total source materials) for our first Mobile Consumer Infographic: The Connect Consumer is Here, Businesses Get on Board. We will be releasing a mobile themed infographic every other week for the nest 8 weeks, last week being week 1. Our goal is simple: to show you that even though you’re doing a lot right, there is still a lot you’re missing. Maybe you don’t realize that Justin Bieber has 37,999,879 more Twitter followers than you. Maybe you didn’t realize that Dell had sold $6.5 million dollars worth of product through Twitter (before they started to suck). Hell, you’re probably a great owner/CEO, but are you suppose to know how to change a password for an iDevice you never even knew could have a password? So what if your two year old changed it and knows how to change it back…and you don’t. You’re busy running a company. That is where we step in, and where this series of mobile consumer infographics aims to shed a little light. So without further ado…

Ai??What do the stats say? [Sneak Peak]

  • In the US alone, 1 in 8 pageviews are on a mobile device. 1 in 8. That’s 12.5 percent of your potential customers looking for you online … are you ignoring them?
  • The number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the world’s population in 2013
  • 80% of user’s time on their mobile device is spent inside an app

New Haircut has heard you, “I know mobile is important, my employees are always on their phone…heck I can text my daughter easier than I can call her.” Well, let us shares some stats with you that will hopefully motivate you to stop ignoring those pesky kids and their stupid smartphones. A website that is designed for mobile consumers is a great start. As this mobile consumer infographic shows, the connected consumer is here. The mobile train is leaving the station…either your business is on board or it gets left behind.

Optimize Your Business for the Mobile Consumer [Infographic]

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