Successfully Rebranding Your Technology Company

ClearLogin - Rebranding Technology Company by New Haircut Digital Agency

Lock your sh!t up, boy. Rival cloud security apps are ogling the work we did to rebrand Clearlogin, the latest in access and identity management software. But before we dig in, how does an entrepreneur or company know the timing is right to invest in upgrading their brand’s look & feel? Well, in the case ofAi??Clearlogin, they had proven demand in the market, raised capital from investors and were now ready to have their appearance go from MVP / beta / we threw this stuff together ourselves to one their customers felt confident handing over their hard-earned cash to.

Clearlogin’s Old Hairdo

This is what things looked like when we rolled into town.

Clearlogin - Previous Branding

Good enough to get the ball rolling but not necessarily the polish of an industry leader, right?

New Haircut, New Logo

So we started small by rethinking the core visual identity to every brand — the logo.

Clearlogin_logo (trimmed)

UI Style Kit

Once the colors and typeface for the logo were a go, we moved on to define the styling the soon-to-be upgraded Clearlogin website. To do so, we created this user interface (UI) style guide.


Designing the Home Page

So now we’ve got that going for us. Next? Bringing together the typography, Ai??colors, navigation, buttons and icons within the style guide to design the actual pages of the website. First page we overhauled was, naturally, the Home page which would set the stage for the rest of the inner pages as well as additional landing pages and off-site media. We went with a long form layout while employing the brand’s clean aesthetic, clear messaging andAi??subtle parallax scrolling.

Clearlogin Homepage

Clearlogin Home Page

Features Page

The Features page really highlights how well-designed, color-savvy icons can allow your customers to understand the product benefits, quickly and effortlessly.

Clearlogin Features

Clearlogin Features Page

Responsive Design

What, you thought we forgot about peeps on their mobile devices? C’mon man… THE golden rule of the web these days is to offer optimized experiences across all devices by way of responsive web design. To the point, we offer a snippet of the Pricing page when viewed on a phone.

Clearlogin Pricing (mobile)

Clearlogin Pricing Screen (mobile view)

You can see the site now has a collapsed menu as well as content that’s been shifted to go from supporting monitors and keyboards to smaller screens and thumbs.

Marketing Landing Page

Alright then. Last thing for today’s breakdown of Clearlogin’s rebrand is a landing page (aka squeeze page) we whipped up, which their marketing team is using to drive specific campaign traffic to. Like any good landing page, navigation has been removed, the call-to-action (CTA) in your face and a quick summary of features. Done.

Clearlogin Squeeze Page

Clearlogin Squeeze Page

Wrapping Up

And the results? From a pure metrics standpoint,Ai??Clearlogin has reported that their bounce rate has dropped since the site launched. Likewise, their contact form, aka their main point of conversion, has seen an increase in completion, aka more leads.

Clearlogin stated, “Weai??i??ve been able to use the new branding on our blog, data sheets, business cards, presentations and our social media presence. Everyone at Clearlogin is very proud of our brand identity and customer feedback has been very positive.”

Awesome. Who’s next? … We’re ready for you.