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Redesigning a 500 Startups Presentation

500 Startups

We can all agree that Dave McClure and his army of 500 know what it takes to help a startup go from a ball of moist (yes, I said it) clay with little vision and less funding to a block of quartz, armed with a vetted product roadmap and funding to fuel its growth. But that doesn’t mean their presentations won’t sometimes make your eyes bleed just a lil. We kid.

Well, not really.

Anywho, we took it upon ourselves to put our presentation superpowers to work for Dave-and-crew by redesigning one of Dave’s more popular, annual talks — The MENA Angel Investors’ Summit (hosted by Tenmou), where he covers “Changes in Venture Capital & Building Startup Ecosystems”.

Here is the presentation Dave put together.

And here’s our slicked up, tricked out version.

So, what do you think?

Yeah, we know, we know… it shouldn’t matter, Dave is already a pimp. But then, it really does matter. We’re all suckers for packaging, in one way or another, right? And after all, Emiland taught the mighty NSA and Mary Meeker similar lessons.