Product Development

Web & Mobile Development

We launch products that solve real world problems. We use lean and agile product development methodologies. Whether you need us to build complete solutions or fix a tired and broken product, our team will help you reach your end goal.

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We believe design is like comedy - if it needs to be explained, it's probably not that great. We push to create digital interfaces that are elegant and intuitive.

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Your technology infrastructure is what hosts your web platforms, mobile apps, and websites. We help you plan, implement, and maintain these systems.

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Web & Mobile

Mobile Apps

We got the memo: everyone is using mobile. We develop mobile applications that solve problems and entertain. Sometimes they do both at the same time.

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Web Apps

Forty is the new thirty. Orange is the new black and headless is the new way to build web applications. We use this approach (also called decoupled architecture) to build future-proof applications that can be easily enhanced and scaled.

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Code Sprint

How do you get a room full of engineers to quickly vet and align on all of the most important technology decisions related to your product development? A code sprint, naturally.

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UX/UI Design

Design Sprint

We use Design Sprints to validate your big ideas. This is the same process Google, Uber, and Slack use to design, prototype and validate their highly successful features and products. It’s awesome, it’s intense, and it will create more momentum in 5 days than your team is accustomed to experiencing in 5 months.

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We do wireframes in black and white. Color and design are our favorite part but if a user can’t navigate a simple black and white page, no color in the world will help. All our wireframes are responsive. This means we wireframe for mobile devices first and desktops later.

Visual Design

We keep it simple (yes, we know simple is hard). We put in long hours trying to learn everything about your users: what they want, need, believes. Hey, sometimes we go as far as knowing how many times they eat fries. We are not afraid of white space but we are also not afraid of color. We don't do design fads. We will try to impress you.


Planning and Implementation

Your digital products need a right-sized home. We're certified vendors with the most-trusted and reliable providers - AWS, Digital Ocean, and Heroku. We also provide custom implementations, when necessary.

Cloud Services

We help companies of all sizes and stages launch or migrate their technology infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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