New Haircut’s Cloud Services

Your technology infrastructure is what hosts your digital products -- your websites, web platforms, mobile apps. So when building these products, it’s really important to consider the infrastructure that will support them. Many architects and engineers take the approach that they can migrate down the road, however elite teams understand two things: One, your development approach hinges upon your infrastructure. Two, subsequent migrations can be even more time consuming and costly than planning it properly from day one.



Cloud computing enables companies to host their technology on backed up, stable, secure, easily scalable, on-demand computers. The Cloud enables companies to spend far less resources on building and maintaining their own internal, often inferior infrastructures, and focus on their core business.


The most established and trusted cloud provider in the industry is Amazon Web Services (AWS). They offer all of the tools and resources your technology will ever need, no matter your budget, security requirements, or anticipated load. We help companies of all sizes and stages launch or migrate their technology infrastructure to AWS.

What’s Included

  • Audit of existing infrastructure
  • Newly proposed system architecture, based on current and near-term needs
  • Estimation of monthly costs
  • Configuration of AWS services: Route53, S3, EBS/ECS, RDS, SES, API Gateway, CloudWatch
  • Security configuration for each individual environment
  • Configuration and deployment of CloudWatch Alerts and AutoScaling rules to ensure active monitoring, on-demand scaling, and zero downtime
  • Training of your in-house teams