Why We’re All UX Designers, Gmail Switch-A-Roo + Late Nights


Holy cow! (Image, #nailedit) It’s Best of the Week time, and we might just have to do a Part 2. Soooooo much good content this week, the Interweb was overflowing with sh*t you should read. Seriously friends, add 60 minutes into your day, every day, and absorb good content. It’s the single-most effective way to become smarter. Take that advice, free of charge.

Okay, let’s dive in! Such a packed week: Why We’re All UX Designers, Gmail Inbox Hiding Email Marketing Emails, Free SEO Tools, Bad Website Design, Facebook Hashtags Fail and SO. MUCH. MORE!

Why We’re All UX Designers Now

Fastcompany asks you: What do Apple, Tumblr, and Toyoto have in commin? They all champion the user. And you should, too. Call it user experience — or as the cool kids call it, UX. As Robert Fabricant argues at HBR, it’s the direction of leadership–and as empathic companies like Apple, Tumblr, and Toyota evidence, it’s a dapper way to dominate a market. *So many good reads connected here. Read them all.*

Dribbbler of the Week : MUTI

They made this illustration of a flash sheet for a recent editorial piece on the history of tattoos. Simple, but we were big fans.

Facebook hashtags have little effect on engagement

Did you think #hashtags were going to immediately take off on Facebook? Think again. Research from social media analytics firm Simply Measured has found that, while 20 percent of top brands’ Facebook posts now include hashtags, there is no evidence they are influencing engagement. Almost all of the Interbrand Top 100 brands have a Facebook presence, yet just 20 percent of posts from the group have incorporated hashtags on the social network.

Google Panda

5 SEO Tools You Should Try

From our friends over at V3 Integrated marketing comes this nugget. Although SEO best practices are undeniably important, learning SEO is no easy task. That’s why you need to know about the must-bookmark directory of SEO tools created by SEOChat. They recommend (and we agree) checking out all of SEOChat’s recommendations — they’re seriously a whole bunch of awesomeness. With that behind said, Shelly and her team shared their five favorites.

The 59 Second Rule: 3 Reasons Why Users Leave a Website

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, most users stick around less than 59 seconds. So, if you don’t capture the user’s attention in less than a minute, you’ve lost them. Cody Ray Miller of CrazyEgg dubbed this “the 59 Second Rule.” Basically, if you haven’t generated interest in 59 seconds then you probably aren’t going to. Well shit, how do I do that Ryan? Miller’s blog dissects some major reasons why users leave a website and, of course, how you can capture their attention instead.

Gmail’s New Tabbed Inbox: What You Need to Know

The big guys like ExactTarget are going to tell you not-to-worry with the recent Google changes to the email inbox. But I’m a bit more skeptical. I read a good baseline review of the new Gmail inbox over at SpinSucks. The interface gives users the option to create five tabs: Primary, Social, Promotional, Updates, and Forums — with Primary, Social and Promotions being the default and Primary the only mandatory (can’t be shut off). 100 percent of email marketing emails are going to show up in the Promotional inbox on Gmail now. Forever. To what degree is email marketing going to change???

The New Twitter Analytics – A Cheat Sheet!

They’re finally here! Analytics straight from Twitter. Although they’re a little hidden, we’ve found them extremely useful when it comes to analyzing your Twitter marketing efforts. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to get you up to speed. My friend Stacey Miller from VOCUS with the rundown, and if you’re a marketer you’d be SMART to learn how to get these analytics! P.S. – She’s my #ace.

Fortune 500 Bullish on Social Media and Corporate Blogging

Fortune 500 companies are increasingly using corporate social media accounts, with 77 percent now on Twitter, 70 percent on Facebook, and 69 percent on YouTube, according to a recent report by the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Big brands are embracing other social networks as well, with 35% of companies on Fortune’s 2013 list now on Google+, 9 percent on Pinterest, 9 percent on Instagram, and 9 percent on Foursquare.

Night Owls Smarter: A New Study Suggests That Late-To-Bed-Late-To-Rise Leads To Greater Workplace Success

My personal opinion is that I think it’s safe to say that early-to-rise vs. late-to-bed is pretty much a wash. I’ve read supported research from both camps claiming superiority. My gut says stop worrying about it. With that said, here is report from researches at the University of Madrid of nearly 1,000 teenagers that found the late-to-bed bested the early-to-rise in things linked to general intelligence, such as inductive reasoning, conceptual and analytical thinking.

Hope you took all that in! Don’t be afraid to bookmark. Party on friends! Cheers!